Monday, 30 January 2017

EHCP review time

It's time for my sons EHCP to be updated.
I have recieved the draft and it has so many mistakes and omits some of the recommendations made by his speech and language therapist.  The school grades are from 2015.  The cover picture hasn't been updated with the new one I submitted.
I will sort it out.  I thought the difficult process was getting the county council to agree to assess but that's only the first step.  Every year we have to correct the mistakes.
We are lucky that my son has an EHCP so lucky as it seems so hard for children to be given one in my county but still the process every year is draining.  My son is well supported at his primary school  but he's in year 4, secondary school is looming and we need to get everything the primary school do on paper.
One more meeting, one more telephone call and hopefully I can put it out of my mind for another year.

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