Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Me and my mental health

Durng the last couple of years I have suffered from depression.  I've felt low, very tired, apathetic and tearful.  I feel that the whole process of getting help and a diagnosis for my son wore me out emotionally.  I got to a point when I just couldn't do it anymore and almost shut down.  I tried anti depressants one for 6 months another for 12 but they didn't really help that much.
At the moment I feel like I am crawling back out of it, feeling more alive and present.  My diet had got really bad, mainly carbs and sugar.  Last week I cut them out of my diet and it's really helped with my positivity.  I want to leave my depression behind, I feel that's achievable at the moment - at least until my son starts secondary school where I know another battle for help will begin.

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