Monday, 9 January 2017

Horse riding therapy

My son  started horse riding with the Riding for the disabled (RDA) a few months ago.  He loves it!  He leaves school early one day a week and I take him for his lesson.  There are only three children in his session and multiple helpers.  Sometimes we go for a walk in the woods, other they play games on horseback in a paddock.
We are so lucky to have this opportunity.   I feel it benefits both my son and I.  We both love being around animals.  My sons core strength has already improved, at the start he couldn't sit straight without constant reminder now he barely needs reminding.  I have a chance to speak to other special needs mums.  I hope my son will be able to continue throughout the whole of primary school.
It really is lovely and I am very thankful to the RDA and all its volunteers.

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