Monday, 9 January 2017

School mornings

My sons primary school run a lovely breakfast club every morning.  It's run in the quiet space.  A few children who need a more gentle start to the morning have been invited, they have breakfast, play games, chat and catch up on gossip - they just have a nice start to the day.
This morning as my son was walking into school I handed him his bag, he asked why it was so heavy.  I could have lied but decided to tell the truth.  His PE kit was in his bag!  He was in school before he realised what I had said, he was not happy.  I heard him shouting, then I peeped through the breakfast club window.  I saw him throw his belongings into the cloakroom and then run shouting in the opposite direction.  The TAs in the breakfast club were dealing with it so I left.
I left feeling guilty that he is so upset, that I didn't help.  I left trusting that the staff at his school would deal with it in the calm and kind manner they usually treat him with.

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